We draw out the best that you have, bring your company to life with you. Respecting tradition, we find your best voice. 

COMMUNICATE IN-Language and In-Culture  

Doing business in this global marketplace requires carefully considered strategies and language, accurate information, and a process that builds relationships.


Speak with authenticity, clarity, and purpose. Through the process, gain consensus and buy-in with key stakeholders – including staff. Give value to your achievements.  Changing demographics, shifting politics, emerging markets, new perspectives are redefining the way we live and think.

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Creative Alliance Communications (CAC) is a collaborative network of top communications experts whose executive capabilities were homed in corporate, business, government, university, and nonprofit settings. Each member brings invaluable on-the-ground experience that gives depth to customized, culturally competent communications and governance strategies.  We are committed to diversity/inclusion and a shared place at the decision-making table.  Our clients are our partners.

It is said that entrepreneurs are optimists and changemakers. Creative Alliance Communications (CAC) was inspired by incredible lessons learned on a professional journey that started during the tumult of the 1960s and 70s.  Each following decade described their own period of unprecedented change and social transition as “unprecedented.”  We write that “change is the only consistent part of contemporary life.”   It is messy, and the issues evolve, much like an amoeba! And so, it is.

Today we are taking a global perspective to celebrate our nation’s diversity and focus on the inexorable relationship between business and community.  We know that opportunities abound in this world of changing demographics, shifting politics, emerging markets, and new perspectives that continue to redefine the way we live and do business.   It has always been that way!

What is different today?  New York Times reporter David Brooks described us as a society of changemakers.  Bill Drayton, who founded International Ashoka describes a changing world transformed by machines and technology and requiring a new kind of employee and customer base. We are challenged to see emerging patterns, identify programs, build cohesive teams and partnerships.

In our CAC professional journey, we witnessed that across industries, places, and time, strong communications set perceptions and commitment.  Public relations, marketing communications, and fundraising are critical parts of the governance process.  Effective leaders speak with authority and represent with clarity, purpose, and transparency.  Their company has taken a deep dive into themselves.  They know who they are, what they represent, where they want to do, and with what partners. We are committed to helping organizations successfully complete the journey to greatness.

A colleague asked if we had succeeded or failed over the past decades; he described society’s continuing journey as we shift in time and place.  Each generation brings new visions and perspectives.  Together we move forward in sync by connecting the dots.

Aileen Roberta Schlef
CEO, Creative Alliance Communications
Photo credit: Maria Bauza

Aileen knows that strong communication can forge relationships, while poorly executed communications strategies can destroy them. For over 30 years, we have guided companies by creating client-centered practical communications strategies that improve their governing capacity and stakeholder buy-in while facilitating change.

Boots on the ground practical solutions with real-world, real-time, perspectives and tools.


Aileen Schlef, Michelle Salcedo, and Jeff Ballou
Photo credit: Noel St. John

Presenting at Hispanic Heritage Foundation Charla
Photo credit: Renee Regan

CAC with El Projecto del Barrio Executives

Interviewing Frank Mankiewicz, National Press Club, First Communicator’s Legacy Award
Photo credit: Noel St. John