“Aileen and I  planned and executed a historic Chase Senior Executive  Retreat in a secluded location, beginning with a New York City formal dinner for 200, accomplished with less than 3 weeks’ advance notice-including site selection and management, educational program and relationship development activities.  The goal was to close employment offers with top MBA candidates and solidify Chase’s standing on the Street.  We achieved a staggering 95% acceptance rate of offers made, a great improvement over the previous year’s 50% acceptance rate.  Elsie Mak, Banking HR Executive

Project- Aileen, Chase Investment Bank’s in-house “go-to” consultant, and I executed a formal dinner and retreat to secure employment offers with MBA candidates in three weeks!  

Results- Investment Bank undertook a broad range of projects to enhance the bank’s position on “The Street.” The Analyst and Associate Programs were creating a strategic corporate model to attract and retain top talent; Chase’s United Negro College Fund campaign needed to improve its ability to raise funds throughout the bank.

Strategies- As an independent consultant to the executive team, Aileen guided the selection and rollout of each project, including internal communications, comparative studies, social events, and senior executive activities and engagement. As staff to the Chase/United Negro College Fund Campaign, she restructured communications strategies, messaging, and led intra-bank strategies.


Upgraded comparative data, state-of-the-art Facebooks, and carefully tailored social and educational activities successfully enhancing communications between the executive suite and associate candidates. Results were an unprecedented 95% acceptance rate of employment offers made (an increase from 50% the previous year). The Chase/United Negro College Fund Campaign achieved an 80% increase in the corporation’s fundraising performance, making it the UNCF corporate model, a historic achievement.

Aileen Schlef and Elsie Mask