Non-Profit Consultancy


Are you on a fundraising treadmill? We organize for dollars with strategies that are built into the organization’s structure – and continue to deliver results over the long-term.

A wise man said that fundraising is an inexact art with recipes, techniques and best practices.  Our focus on good governance taps the resources from within.  We believe that fundraising and communications are inextricably linked every aspect of an organization’s life – not add-on activities. Together, we build a process that continues to build the bottom line over time.  Fundraising is a core management operation, and it begins building a strong platform by friend-raising.


You stand for something important!  You have your own best story to tell.  Let’s work together to make it count as you communicate with clarity and purpose.

At the heart of every company’s success – inside and out – is smart, targeted communications.  Guided by Creative Alliance, clients find their own best voice and tell their most compelling story for the greatest impact, bringing prominence to their mission and frontline services.  With carefully tailored communications and fundraising initiatives they meet their goals with outstanding bottom-line results and social impact.

Strategic Partnerships

How do partnerships succeed and last? Successful partners do more than dance; they build relationships, working together to improve social needs.

In this epoch of uncharted waters, Create Alliance provides carefully-considered, customized strategies that are innovative, efficient and affordable.  Smart with a heart!  Each project is carefully tailored in a client partnership that works within their own culture and operational system. They must be able to demonstrate to funders – and their board of directors – that their programs are needed and effective.

Organizational Development

Your ideas are plentiful and creative, do they falter in mid-air?  Our plans and tactics are carefully integrated from planning to performance.

Our clients build capacity with a keen eye to their past, present and future.  Building capacity is an empowering process that starts within the organization.  Leadership works with staff and seeks consensus.  They make tough decisions and communicate with clarity and purpose.  They are authentic and consistent.  They work with their staff by developing productive teams that include board and staff.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Consulting

Searching for a mutually beneficial, lasting connection? That is true for corporations as well as nonprofit organizations.  With our corporate, nonprofit, and government experience, we are well-positioned to guide corporate-community collaborations that bring value for everyone. With a disciplined approach, both corporate and nonprofit ventures bring their shared values, brand, message, mission, and customer relationships to the table as they explore their potential, common ground opportunities.