“Creative Alliance is a great asset to any project.  They worked with PhRMA to create a replicable model to convene government, business, foundation and nonprofit leaders to meet the special demands of the contemporary aging community, focusing on disparities and diversity.  Their model program for PhRMA with the National Latina Health Network showcased Latina health and medical experts throughout the United States.  It became a highly-regarded prototype for collaborative partnerships between corporations and national social advocacy organizations.  Significant funds were raised and several new collaborative partnerships formed.”
– Albert Collazo, 2000-2008 lead PhRMA Hispanic Market Consultant


Project-   Creative Alliance worked with NLHN to create a multi-faceted campaign giving prominence to the often-invisible voices of Latina medical and health experts. NLHN wanted to strengthen its advocacy role by rebranding and upgrading its communications and by adding private sector partners. Joining with the PhRMA Hispanic market consultant, a transforming partnership evolved.

Results-   NLHN concentrated on re-branding and messaging, new programs and expanding the reach among medical, health, government, business and association leaders.  The extensive Latina healthcare leader network was rejuvenated.  The PhRMA partnership led to a precedent-setting initiative titled Latina Leaders for Health.  Successful public relations and fundraising campaigns repositioned NLHN and cultivated nearly a $1 million in private support:  


  • National partnerships and regional symposia:  NLHN Latina Leaders for Health 2004-5 Regional Symposia Defining Step Towards Advancing Quality Health Care for Latinas and their Families
  • Significant funds raised and new collaborative partnerships formed: PhRMA and association partnerships, Jaguar, Univision, Ross Pharmaceuticals, Abbott Laboratories, Bravo, MendozaDillon, Partnership for Safe Medicines, Pfizer Bank Atlantic and a long-term contract with AARP following.   
  • First Latina Health Leaders Award presented to Hon. Hilda Solis for her tireless efforts in health equity in Congress with a large Capitol Hill Reception.

Honoring Rep. Hilda L. Solis
Albert Collazo (PhRMA), Alicia Diaz, Elena Alvarado, Aileen Schlef